TEMPORADA 22 (2019 - 2020)

Consulta los listados con todo los discos que han sonado como novedad cada mes en Toxicosmos:



AIRBOURNE “Boneshaker” (2019, Spinefarm Records UK)
ALPACA SPORTS “Saddest girl in the world” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
ANGEL OLSEN “All mirrors” (2019, Jagjaguwar)
ASA “Lucid” (2019, Believe Music)
BATTLES “Juyce B crypts” (2019, Warp Records)
BEABADOOBEE “Space cadet EP” (2019, Dirty Hit Records)
BECK “Hyperspace” (2019, Capitol Records)
BLAUE BLUME “Bell of wool” (2019, HFN Music)
BOLIVARD “Réalité” Single (2019, Cookie Records)
CALYPSO ROSE “Calypso Rose and friends” EP (2019, Maturity Music Limited)
CAMELLOS “Calle para siempre” (2019, Limbo Starr)
CHAQUETA DE CHÁNDAL “Gimnasia menor” (2019, Bankrobber)
CIGARRETES AFTER SEX “Cry” (2019, Partisan)
COLD WAR KIDS “New age norms 1” (2019, CWKTWO Corp)
CORRIDOR “Junior” (2019, SubPop Records)
CRISTINA QUESADA “Think I heard a rumour / Manic monday” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
DA SILVA “Au revoir chagrín” (2019, At(h)ame)
EDITORS “Black gold: best of Editors” (2019, Pias)
EL HIJO “Capital desierto” (2019, Intromúsica)
EL HOMBRE GARABATO “Luciérnagas” (2019, Santafé Producciones)
ELBOW “Giants of all sizes” (2019, Polydor)
GINEBRAS “Dame 10:36 minutos” EP (2019, Vanana Records)
GREENTEA PENG “Rising” EP (2019, Good Machine)
HALF MOON RUN “A blemish in the great light” (2019, Glassnote Records)
IGUANA DEATH CULT “Nude casino” (2019, Innovative Leisure)
INDIAN FEATHER “Lineas tangents” (2019, Indian Feathers)
ISAAC DELUSION “Uplifters” (2019, Microqlima)
ITASCA “Spring” (2019, Paradise of Bachelors)
JACQUES GREENE “Dawn chorus” (2019, LuckyMe)
JAVIER CORCOBADO “Somos demasiados” (2019, Intromúsica)
JOSH ROUSE “The holiday sounds of Josh Rouse” (2019, Yep Roc Records)
JOSIENNE CLARKE “In all weather” (2019, Rough Trade Records)
KING NUN “Mass” (2019, Dirty Hit)
LITTLE SCREAM “Speed queen” (2019, Merge Records)
LOS MARCIANOS “Contra el mundo” EP (2019, Clifford Records)
LOS PUNSETES “Aniquilación” (2019, Mushroom Pillow)
LUCY DACUS “2019” EP (2019, Matador Records)
MARK LANEGAN BAND “Somebody’s nocking” (2019, Heavenly Recordings)
MAZONI “Desig imbècil” (2019, Bankrobber)
MILKY CHANCE “Mind the moon” (2019, Universal Music)
MINI MANSIONS “Guy walks into a bar…” (2019, Fiction Records)
MÚNICH 72 “Simbiosis” 82019, Flor y Nata Records)
OLIMPIA “Confetti y dinamita” EP (2019, Olimpia)
OMNI “Networker” (2019, SubPop Records)
PLEASANT DREAMS “Temps” (2019, Ánima Records)
PUMAROSA “Devastation” (2019, Fiction Records)
SAINTARD “Calor” EP (2019, Saintard)
SINGLE “El roce” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
STEPHEN MALLINDER “Um dada” (2019, Dais Records)
STEREOLAB “Margerine eclipse” (2019, Warp Records)
STEREOLAB “Sound-Dust” (2019, Warp Records)
SWANS “Lleaving meaning” (2019, Mute Records)
TARDOR “El mal pas” (2019, Primavera d’Hivern)
THE BELLS “The bells” (2019, Globo Records / Go Now! Records)
THE WHO “Who” (2019, Universal Music)
YAK “Atlas complex” EP (2019, Third Man / Virgin EMI)
YO DIABLO “Serpientes” (2019, Yo Diablo)
YO, ESTRATOSFÉRICO “Limbo” (2019, Yo Estratosferico)



091 "La otra vida" (2019, Warner Music)
AMAIA "Pero no pasa nada" (2019, Universal Music)
ANGELA KINCZLY "Silent" (2019, Ritmo&Blu Records)
BAT FOR LASHES "Lost girls" (2019, Awal Recordings)
BEABADOOBEE "Space cadet" EP (2019, Dirty Hit Records)
BEDOUINE "Bird songs of a killjoy" (2019, Spacebomb)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN "Days of the Bagnold summer - OST" (2019, Matador Records / Everlasting)
BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH "Elephant" (2019, Dirty Hit Records)
BLACK ISLANDS "Patio de luces" (2019, Mama Vynila Records)
BURRITO PANZA "El rayo loser" Single (2019, El Genio Equivocado)
CYN "Mood swing" EP (2019, Unsub Records)
DANNY BROWN "Uknowhatimsayin¿" (2019, Warp)
DE MARION "Down the road of mainstream I saw you, canzone" (2019, Noja Recordings)
DELAFÉ "Hay un lugar" (2019, Delafé)
DIESEL PARK WEST "Let it melt" (2019, Palo Santo Records)
DUDE YORK "Falling" (2019, Sub Pop)
EAGLES OF DEATH METAL "Eagles of Death Metal presents boots electric performing the best songs we never wrote" (2019, Universal Music)
ELYELLA "Dreamers" (2019, Vanana Records)
ESTILO INTERNACIONAL "Laika" (2019, Delia Records)
EZRA FURMAN "Twelve nudes" (2019, Bella Union)
FRANCESCA DE FAZI "Craft songs" (2019, Noja Recordings)
FREDDIE MERCURY "Never boring" (2019, Mercury Records)
FUERZA NUEVA "Una, grande y libre" Single (2019, El Ejercito Rojo)
GALAXY FINGERS "The last bastion of fox quality" (2019, Elefant Records)
GINA ÉTÉ "Oak tree" (2019, Lauter)
GIRL BAND "The talkies" (2019, Rough Trade)
HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS "50 foot woman" (2019, Record Kicks)
IDER "Emotional education" (2019, Glassnote)
IMPERIAL TEEN "Now we are timeless" (2019, Merge Records)
IRINA NËSTOR "On day you'll miss today" (2019, Irina Nëstor)
ISOBEL CAMPBELL "There is no other" (2019, Cooking Vinyl)
JOHNY B ZERO "They have it, that's why we don't have it" (2019, Au! Records)
JOSEPH "Good luck, kid" (2019, ATO Records)
KATE TEMPEST "The book of traps and lessons" (2019, Republic Records)
KEANE "Cause and effect" (2019, Island Records)
KYLE CRAFT "Showboat honey" (2019, Sub Pop)
L'HOME BRUT "Llums del nord" (2019, Primavera d'Hivern)
LA BIEN QUERIDA "Brujería" (2019, Elefant Records)
LAGARTIJA NICK "Los cielos cabizbajos" (2019, Montgrí)
LANA DEL REY "Norman fucking rockwell" (2019, Universal Music)
LEÓN BENAVENTE "Vamos a volvernos locos" (2019, Warner Music)
LIFE "A picture of good health" (2019, Afghan Moon / Pias)
LINDA GUILALA "Agosto" Single (2019, Elefant Records)
LOS TIKI PHANTOMS "Disco guateque" (2019, Hi-Tide Recordings)
MANDO DIAO "Bang" (2019, Playground Music)
METRONOMY "Metronomy forever" (2019, Because Music)
MIKA "My name is Michael Holbrook" (2019, Virgin EMI)
MILTON "Elean slate" (2019, Discos de Paseo)
MISTERY JETS "A billion heartbeats" (2019, Mistery Jets Records)
NUNATAK "'Nunatak y las flores salvajes" (2019, Warner Music)
OF MONSTERS AND MEN "Fever dream" (2019, Republic Records)
PAOLO SPACCAMONTI "Volume quattro" (2019, Escape From Today / Dunque)
PAPA TOPO "Sirenear" Single (2019, Elefant Records)
PARADE "La deriva sentimental" (2019, Jabalina Música)
PIGMY "Manifestación" (2019, Grabaciones en el Mar / Trilobite Records)
PIXIES "Beneath the Eyrie" (2019, Infectious/BMG)
SARASARA "Orgone" (2019, One Little Indian Records)
SIERRA LEONA "Cruzar un río" (2019, Primavera d'Hivern)
SVPER / BITTER MOON "1981" Single (2019, La Suisse Primitive)
TEMPLES "Hot motion" (2019, ATO Records)
THE BEATLES "Abbey Road - Anniversary edition" (2019, Apple Records)
THE LAST DETAIL "Places" Single (2019, Elefant Records)
THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "In the morse code of brake lights" (2019, Concord Records)
THE SICK BOYS "So hot!" (2019, Buenritmo Producciones)
THE SOFT CAVALRI "The soft cavalry" (2019, Bella Union)
TIGER AND MILK "Popular" (2019, Tiger and Milk)
TOM BEAULIEU "Zombies on Zambonis" (2019, Tom Beaulieu)
TOVE LO "Sunshine Kitty" (2019, Universal Music)
TRENTEMOLLER "Observe" (2019, In My Room)
TWIN PEAKS "Lookout low" (2019, Grand Jury Music)
VAN MORRISON "Three chords and the truth" (2019, Exile/Caroline International)
Varios Artistas "George Best Rock Club – El disco" (2019, Bonavena Música)
Varios Artistas "Intromúsica – The mixtape 1" (2019, Intromúsica)
Varios Artistas "Mondosonoro 25 años" (2019, Larvin Music)
Varios Artistas "Música para adultos" (2019, El Volcán Música)
VELVET NEGRONI "Neon brown" (2019, 4AD)
VIVA SUECIA "El milagro" (2019, Subterfuge Records)
WITHNEY "Forever turned around" (2019, Secretly Canadian)