TEMPORADA 22 (2019 - 2020)

Consulta los listados con todo los discos que han sonado como novedad cada mes en Toxicosmos:

MARZO 2020


ALE ACOSTA “The Fuel mixtape – Fuel Fandango remixes 2011 - 2019” (2020, Warner Music Spain)
ALEX TORIO “L'home de l'any passat” (2020, Discmedi)
ALGORA “Un extraño entre las rosas” (2020, El Genio Equivocado)
ALOÏSE SAUVAGE “Dévorante” (2020, Initials Artists)
AULLIDO ATÓMICO “Hedonismo” (2020, Aullido Atómico)
BALLENA “Odisea ballena” (2020, Subterfuge)
BLUSA “Resonance” (2020, Blusa)
BON VOYAGE ORGANISATION “La course” (2020, L’Invitation Musicale)
BONIFACE “Boniface” (2020, Transgressive)
CABLE TIES “Far enough” (2020, Merge Records)
CASBAH 73 "Sweet maybe" Single (2020, Lovemonk)
CHEF’S SPECIAL “Unfold” (2020, Kaiser Records)
CIRCA WAVES “Sad happy” (2020, Prolifica / Pias)
COLORADO “Nuestros circuitos” (2020, Clifford Records)
EL VERBO ODIADO “Nada que celebrar” (2020, Subterfuge Records)
FRANC MOODY “Dream in colour” (2020, Juicebox Recording Co.)
FUEL FANDANGO “Origen” (2020, Warner Music Spain)
GRIMES “Miss Anthropocene” (2020, 4AD)
J’AIME “Love and squalor” (2020, Jabalina Música)
JEAN-LOUIS MURAT “Baby love” (2020, Le Label/PIAS)
JONATHAN WILSON “Dixie blur” (2020, Bella Union)
JORDAN MACKAMPA “Foreigner” (2020, Jordan Mackampa Records)
KEVIN KRAUTER “Full hand” (2020, Bayonet Records)
LA JUVENTUD “La juventud” (2020, La Juventud)
LALA LALA & GRAPETOOTH "Fantasy movie / Valentine” Single (2020, Hardly Art / Polyvinyl Record Co.)
LANTERNS ON THE LAKE “Spook the herd” (2020, Bella Union)
LAPSLEY “Through water” (2020, XL Recordings)
LAUREN AUDER “Two caves” (2020, True Panther / Harvest Records)
LEE RANALDO & RAÜL REFREE “Names of North end women” (2020, Mute Records)
LINA_RAÜL REFREE “Lina_Raül Refree” (2020, Glitterbeat Records)
LUA GRAMER “Destruir el pop” (2020, Clifford Records)
MALENA ZAVALA “La yarará” (2020, Yucatán Records)
MARIALLUÏSA “És per tu | Per mi” (2020, Bankrobber)
MOANING “Uneasy laughter” (2020, Sub Pop)
MODERN NATURE “How to live” (2019, Bella Union)
MORNING DRIVERS “Nuevas intenciones” (2020, The Borderline Music / Discmedi)
MOSTAZA GALVEZ “Desventuras” (2020, Subterfuge Records)
NAJWA “Viene de largo” (2020, Mushroom Pillow)
NARANJA “Todas tus letras” (2020, C4Music)
NIÑOS MUTANTES “Ventanas” (2020, Ernie Records)
NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS “Blue moon rising” EP (2020, Sour Mash)
OCTAVE NOIRE “Monolithe” (2020, Yotanka)
POLOCK “Romance” (2020, Faster Love)
ROLDÁN “Tus poderes” (2020, El Genio Equivocado)
RUBIN ET LE PARADOXE “X raisons remixes” EP (2020, Her Majesty’s Ship)
RUSH WEEK “No tag backs” Single (2020, Elefant Records)
SOCCER MOMMY “Color theory” (2020, Loma Vista Recordings)
SUFJAN STEVENS AND LOWELL BRAMS “Aporia” (2020, Asthmatic Kitty-Popstock!)
SURFACES “Horizons” (2020, Surfaces Music / TenThousand Projects LLC)
THE KILLER BARBIES “Vive le punk” (2020, La Iguana Records / Altafonte)
THE LUCIES “Usable substance” (2020, Party Town Records)
THE ORIELLES “Disco volador” (2020, Heavenly Records)
TRIÁNGULO INVERSO “Seres en movimiento” (2020, Hook Ediciones Musicales)
US GIRLS “Heavy light” (2020, 4AD)
VETUSTA MORLA “MSDL – Canciones dentro de canciones” (2020, Pequeño Salto Mortal)
VICTORIA FORD “Grandes éxitos, mejores remezclas” (2020, Lunar Discos)
WAXAHATCHEE “Saint cloud” (2020, Merge Records)
WHYTE HORSES “Hard times” (2020, CRC Records)



A GIRL CALLED EDDY “Been around” (2020, Elefant Records) [Comprar en Amazon]
A·L·M·A “Invierno totalitario” (2019, Grabaciones Perdidas)
ALGIERS “There is no year” (2020, Matador / Everlasting Popstock)
ALICE BOMAN “Dream on” (2020, Play It Again Sam)
ALICE’S CREAM “Medicina kármica” (2019, Flor y Nata Records)
ANDY SHAUF “The neon skyline” (2020, Anti- Records)
ASH “Teenage wildlife: 25 years of Ash” (2020, BMG)
AYLLÓN “Kintsukuroi” (2019, Ayllón Records)
BALLENA “Odisea ballena” (2020, Subterfuge Records) [Comprar en Amazon]
BAT FOR LASHES “The boys of summer” (2020, Bat for Lashes)
BEN WATT “Storm damage” (2020, Caroline)
BEST COAST “Always tomorrow” (2020, Concord Records) [Comprar en Amazon]
BILL FAY “Countless branches” (2020, Dead Oceans)
BLOSSOMS “Foolish loving spaces” (2020, Virgin EMI Records)
BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB “Everything else has gone wrong” (2020, mmm Records)
BONNIE LIGHT HORSEMAN “Bonnie light horseman” (2020, 37d03d Records)
BRIGHTON 64 “Como debe ser” (2019, BCore)
CAMELLOS “Vaya a la cárcel” Single (2019, Limbo Starr)
CAPITÁN SUNRISE “Dramas del primer mundo” (2020, Jabalina Música)
CERRONE “DNA” (2020, Malligator Préférence)
CHAVALES “Chavales” EP (2020, Elefant Records)
CHLORAL “Bellavista” (2020, Intromúsica)
CLARA PLATH “Oscura” (2019, Flor y Nata Records)
CLEMIX “Mon merci” (2020, Clemix)
COCANHA “Puput” (2020, Pagans Música)
COFFEE & WINE “Castles” Single (2019, Manderley Music)
DESTROYER “Have we met” (2020, Merge Records)
DORIAND “Portraits” (2020, Kwaidan Records)
EGUALA “Espenta” (2020, Subterfuge Records)
ELA VIN “Tlazohcamati” (2019, Ela Vin)
EMILIA, PARDO y BAZÁN “Fumata blanca” Single (2019, Emilia Pardo y Bazán)
EZRA FURMAN “Sex Education OST” (2020, DSPs)
FANTASMAMIDI “Letargo” (2020, Discos de Kirlian)
FUTURO PELO “A bigger splash” (2020, Pain Surprises Records / Délicieuse Musique)
GABRIELLE APLIN “Dear happy” (2020, Never Fade Records)
GEM “Satèl-lits” (2020, Primavera d’Hivern)
GIGANTE “Fugaz” (2019, Ventilador Music)
HALSEY “Manic” (2020, Capitol Records)
HELEN & SHANNA “Tempo” (2020, Love Recores)
HOLA CHICA “Marbella” (2020, La Cúpula Music)
HONEYMOAN “Weirdo” (2020, Communion)
IGELDO “Ancha es Castilla” (2020, Igeldo)
IRRESPONSABLES “Pasajeros sin nombre” (2019, Flor y Nata)
ISOBEL CAMPBELL “There is no other” (2020, Cooking Vinyl)
JAMES TAYLOR “American standard” (2020, Universal Music)
JENNY PROBLEMA “Más triste todavía” (2020, Discos Polo)
KARINE GERMAIX “Incandescence” (2020, Karine Germaix)
KHRUANGBIN AND LEON BRIDGES “Texas sun” EP (2020, Dead Oceans)
KID FRANCESCOLI “Lovers” (2020, Yotanka)
KRACAUER “Diferencia y repetición” (2020, Subterfuge)
KREDA “Crest” (2020, Nature Scene Records)
LEMON^FLY “Planes perfectos” (2020, Lemon^Fly)
LES AMAZONES D’AFRIQUE “Amazones power” (2020, Real World Records)
LINDA GUILALA “Será más fácil” Single (2019, Test Pattern Records)
LOLA MARSH “Someday tomorrow maybe” (2020, Anova Music)
LOS RADIADORES “Bailes de verano” (2020, Bonavena Música)
MAKAYA McCRAVEN “We’re new again” (2020, XL Recordings)
MASSIMO SILVERIO “Ø” (2020, Massimo Silverio)
MINT JULEP “Stray fantasies” (2020, Western Vinyl)
MUSH “3D routine” (2020, Memphis Industries)
NADA SURF “Never Not Together” (2020, Ernie)
NATHANIEL RATELIFF “And it´s still alright” (2020, Stax Records)
NICOLAS GODIN “Concrete and glass” (2020, NCLS)
NONÉ GÓMEZ “La edad de otro mundo” (2020, Clifford Records)
NUNATAK “Nunatak y las flores salvajes” (2020, Warner Music / Dro)
OKAY KAYA “Watch this liquid pour itself” (2020, Jagjaguwar)
PERRO MOJADO “Prohibida la blasfemia” (2020, Ciudad Oasis)
PET SHOP BOYS “Hotspot” (2020, X2 Records/Kobalt)
POLIÇA “When we stay alive” (2020, Memphis Industries)
PONGO “Uwa” (2020, Universal Music)
REMINGTON SUPER 60 “New EP” (2020, Cafe Superstar)
SALVADOR TÓXICO “Canciones de laboratorio” (2020, Limbo Starr)
SINGLE “Hola” (2020, Elefant Records)
SQUAREPUSHER “Be up a hello” (2020, Warp Records)
TAME IMPALA “The slow rush” (2020, Caroline)
THE BIG MOON “Walking like we do” (2020, Fiction Records)
THE BLACK LIPS “In a world that’s falling apart” (2020, Fire Records)
THE HOMESICK “The big exercise” (2020, Sub Pop)
THE INNOCENCE MISSION “See you tomorrow” (2020, Bella Union)
THE JAPANESE HOUSE “Something has to change” (2020, Dirty Hit)
THE MAX MESSER GROUP “Another swing” (2020, Migrant Records)
THE MEN “Mercy” (2020, Sacred Bones Records)
THE ORIELLES “Disco volador” (2020, Heavenly Recordings)
THE PAW-PAW NEGRO “Initio sonus” (2019, Flor y Nata Records)
THE SEASONGS “Destellos” (2019, The Seasongs)
THE SOMNAMBULIST “Hypermnesiac” (2020, Slowing Records)
THE YOUNG WAIT “Notes from a recent past” (2020, Lucinda Records)
TO BRAVE MY SOUL “So much 27” (2019, To Brave My Soul)
TOM BEAULIEU “Cool blue lightning” (2019, Tom Beaulieu)
TORRES “Silver tongue” (2020, Merge Records)
TRIPULANTE Y CRUCERO “Fuerteventura” EP (2020, Mont Ventoux)
WILD NOTHING “Laughing gas EP” (2020, Captured Tracks)
WIRE “Mind hive” (2020, Pink Flag)
WOLF PARADE “Thin mind” (2020, SubPop)
WOLF WOLF “Metamorphosis” (2020, Lux Noise Records)



3 SOUTH & BANANA “Blab bla bla” Single (2019, Some Other Planet Records)
ANDREW BIRD “Hark!” EP (2019, Loma Vista)
AVEY TARE “Conference of birds / Birds in disguise” EP (2019, Domino)
BADEN BADEN “La nuit devant” (2019, Starlite Rec)
BAILEN “We did a Christmas thing” EP (2019, Fantasy Records)
BEAR’S DEN “Only son of the falling snow” (2019, Caroline International)
BOB MOSES “Unplugged” EP (2019, Domino)
CARLES VIARNÈS “Nun” (2019, Bankrobber)
DAMIEN ROBITAILLE “Bientôt ce sera Noël” (2019, Audiogram)
DIE KATAPULT “DKXD” (2019, Elefant Records)
DIGITALISM “JPEG” (2019, Etcetc)
DOG IN THE SNOW “Vanishing lands” (2019, Bella Union)
DURBAN “Universos temporales” (2019, Durban)
EL FARO “Ay, si un día” (2019, Acuarela Discos)
ENCHANTÉE JULIA “Boucle” EP (2019, Maison la Chapelle)
FAT WHITE FAMILY “Serfs up!” (2019, Domino)
FREEDONIA “Conciencia” (2019, Freedonia)
GRIMES “Violence” (2019, Crystal Math Music)
I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME “Christmas drag” EP (2019, Fearless Records)
JAAKKO EINO KALEVI “Dissolution” (2019, Weird World)
LA BIEN QUERIDA “Miedo” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
LE SUPERHOMARD “SDVB” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
LLUM “Perdedores” Single (2019, Discos de Paseo)
LOS JAGUARES DE LA BAHIA “Classic horrors” EP (2019, Lunar Discos)
LOVATARAXX “Hébéphrénie” (2019, Unknown Pleasures Recordings)
LUIS PRADO “Deberías / Tu red social” Single (2019, Hall of Fame)
MEGANSITO EL GUAPO “M.E.G.” (2019, Ground Control)
MICAH GAUGH “Dreamcatcher” (2019, 10mm Omega Recordings)
MIGALA “Así duele un verano (Remastered)” (2019, Acuarela Discos)
MOLLY BURCH “The Molly Burch Christmas album” (2019, Captured Tracks)
NO-MAN “Love you to bits” (2019, Caroline)
NOS MIRAN “Todo se repite” (2019, Elefant Records)
PAUL McCARTNEY “Home tonight / In a hurry” Single (2019, Capitol Records)
PERNICE BROTHERS “Spread the feeling” (2019, Universal Music)
SAMBA DE LA MUERTE “A life with large opening” (2019, Collectif Toujours)
SASAMI “Lil drmr bb” EP (2019, Domino Records)
SILENT JAMES “"What do you want to be when you grow up?" (2019, Discos de Kirlian)
SNOW PATROL “Reworked” (2019, Polydor)
STEVE LACY “Apollo XXI” (2019, 3qtr)
THE CULT OF FREE LOVE / MAGIC SEAS “The cult of free love / Magic seas” Split single (2019, Magic Love Records)
THE POP GROUP “Y” (2019, Mute Records)
THE SCHOOL “Christmas EP” (2019, Elefant Records)
TIRANO “Belladona” EP (2019, Tirano)
TITO RAMÍREZ “The King of mambo” (2019, Antifaz / El Volcán Música)
TYLER RAMSEY “For the morning” (2019, Universal Music)
URTAIN “Buenos tiempos para la épica” (2019, Flor y Nata Records)
VILLAGERS “The Sunday walker EP” (2019, Domino)
VvvV “The wreck” (2019, Metro Beach / À tant Rêver du Roi)
ZABRISKIE “Latitud” (2019, La Viejita Música / Discmedi)



AIRBOURNE “Boneshaker” (2019, Spinefarm Records UK)
ALPACA SPORTS “Saddest girl in the world” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
ANGEL OLSEN “All mirrors” (2019, Jagjaguwar)
ASA “Lucid” (2019, Believe Music)
BATTLES “Juyce B crypts” (2019, Warp Records)
BEABADOOBEE “Space cadet EP” (2019, Dirty Hit Records)
BECK “Hyperspace” (2019, Capitol Records)
BLAUE BLUME “Bell of wool” (2019, HFN Music)
BOLIVARD “Réalité” Single (2019, Cookie Records)
CALYPSO ROSE “Calypso Rose and friends” EP (2019, Maturity Music Limited)
CAMELLOS “Calle para siempre” (2019, Limbo Starr)
CHAQUETA DE CHÁNDAL “Gimnasia menor” (2019, Bankrobber)
CIGARRETES AFTER SEX “Cry” (2019, Partisan)
COLD WAR KIDS “New age norms 1” (2019, CWKTWO Corp)
CORRIDOR “Junior” (2019, SubPop Records)
CRISTINA QUESADA “Think I heard a rumour / Manic monday” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
DA SILVA “Au revoir chagrín” (2019, At(h)ame)
EDITORS “Black gold: best of Editors” (2019, Pias)
EL HIJO “Capital desierto” (2019, Intromúsica)
EL HOMBRE GARABATO “Luciérnagas” (2019, Santafé Producciones)
ELBOW “Giants of all sizes” (2019, Polydor)
GINEBRAS “Dame 10:36 minutos” EP (2019, Vanana Records)
GREENTEA PENG “Rising” EP (2019, Good Machine)
HALF MOON RUN “A blemish in the great light” (2019, Glassnote Records)
IGUANA DEATH CULT “Nude casino” (2019, Innovative Leisure)
INDIAN FEATHER “Lineas tangents” (2019, Indian Feathers)
ISAAC DELUSION “Uplifters” (2019, Microqlima)
ITASCA “Spring” (2019, Paradise of Bachelors)
JACQUES GREENE “Dawn chorus” (2019, LuckyMe)
JAVIER CORCOBADO “Somos demasiados” (2019, Intromúsica)
JOSH ROUSE “The holiday sounds of Josh Rouse” (2019, Yep Roc Records)
JOSIENNE CLARKE “In all weather” (2019, Rough Trade Records)
KING NUN “Mass” (2019, Dirty Hit)
LITTLE SCREAM “Speed queen” (2019, Merge Records)
LOS MARCIANOS “Contra el mundo” EP (2019, Clifford Records)
LOS PUNSETES “Aniquilación” (2019, Mushroom Pillow)
LUCY DACUS “2019” EP (2019, Matador Records)
MARK LANEGAN BAND “Somebody’s nocking” (2019, Heavenly Recordings)
MAZONI “Desig imbècil” (2019, Bankrobber)
MILKY CHANCE “Mind the moon” (2019, Universal Music)
MINI MANSIONS “Guy walks into a bar…” (2019, Fiction Records)
MÚNICH 72 “Simbiosis” 82019, Flor y Nata Records)
OLIMPIA “Confetti y dinamita” EP (2019, Olimpia)
OMNI “Networker” (2019, SubPop Records)
PLEASANT DREAMS “Temps” (2019, Ánima Records)
PUMAROSA “Devastation” (2019, Fiction Records)
SAINTARD “Calor” EP (2019, Saintard)
SINGLE “El roce” Single (2019, Elefant Records)
STEPHEN MALLINDER “Um dada” (2019, Dais Records)
STEREOLAB “Margerine eclipse” (2019, Warp Records)
STEREOLAB “Sound-Dust” (2019, Warp Records)
SWANS “Lleaving meaning” (2019, Mute Records)
TARDOR “El mal pas” (2019, Primavera d’Hivern)
THE BELLS “The bells” (2019, Globo Records / Go Now! Records)
THE WHO “Who” (2019, Universal Music)
YAK “Atlas complex” EP (2019, Third Man / Virgin EMI)
YO DIABLO “Serpientes” (2019, Yo Diablo)
YO, ESTRATOSFÉRICO “Limbo” (2019, Yo Estratosferico)



091 "La otra vida" (2019, Warner Music)
AMAIA "Pero no pasa nada" (2019, Universal Music)
ANGELA KINCZLY "Silent" (2019, Ritmo&Blu Records)
BAT FOR LASHES "Lost girls" (2019, Awal Recordings)
BEABADOOBEE "Space cadet" EP (2019, Dirty Hit Records)
BEDOUINE "Bird songs of a killjoy" (2019, Spacebomb)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN "Days of the Bagnold summer - OST" (2019, Matador Records / Everlasting)
BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH "Elephant" (2019, Dirty Hit Records)
BLACK ISLANDS "Patio de luces" (2019, Mama Vynila Records)
BURRITO PANZA "El rayo loser" Single (2019, El Genio Equivocado)
CYN "Mood swing" EP (2019, Unsub Records)
DANNY BROWN "Uknowhatimsayin¿" (2019, Warp)
DE MARION "Down the road of mainstream I saw you, canzone" (2019, Noja Recordings)
DELAFÉ "Hay un lugar" (2019, Delafé)
DIESEL PARK WEST "Let it melt" (2019, Palo Santo Records)
DUDE YORK "Falling" (2019, Sub Pop)
EAGLES OF DEATH METAL "Eagles of Death Metal presents boots electric performing the best songs we never wrote" (2019, Universal Music)
ELYELLA "Dreamers" (2019, Vanana Records)
ESTILO INTERNACIONAL "Laika" (2019, Delia Records)
EZRA FURMAN "Twelve nudes" (2019, Bella Union)
FRANCESCA DE FAZI "Craft songs" (2019, Noja Recordings)
FREDDIE MERCURY "Never boring" (2019, Mercury Records)
FUERZA NUEVA "Una, grande y libre" Single (2019, El Ejercito Rojo)
GALAXY FINGERS "The last bastion of fox quality" (2019, Elefant Records)
GINA ÉTÉ "Oak tree" (2019, Lauter)
GIRL BAND "The talkies" (2019, Rough Trade)
HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS "50 foot woman" (2019, Record Kicks)
IDER "Emotional education" (2019, Glassnote)
IMPERIAL TEEN "Now we are timeless" (2019, Merge Records)
IRINA NËSTOR "On day you'll miss today" (2019, Irina Nëstor)
ISOBEL CAMPBELL "There is no other" (2019, Cooking Vinyl)
JOHNY B ZERO "They have it, that's why we don't have it" (2019, Au! Records)
JOSEPH "Good luck, kid" (2019, ATO Records)
KATE TEMPEST "The book of traps and lessons" (2019, Republic Records)
KEANE "Cause and effect" (2019, Island Records)
KYLE CRAFT "Showboat honey" (2019, Sub Pop)
L'HOME BRUT "Llums del nord" (2019, Primavera d'Hivern)
LA BIEN QUERIDA "Brujería" (2019, Elefant Records)
LAGARTIJA NICK "Los cielos cabizbajos" (2019, Montgrí)
LANA DEL REY "Norman fucking rockwell" (2019, Universal Music)
LEÓN BENAVENTE "Vamos a volvernos locos" (2019, Warner Music)
LIFE "A picture of good health" (2019, Afghan Moon / Pias)
LINDA GUILALA "Agosto" Single (2019, Elefant Records)
LOS TIKI PHANTOMS "Disco guateque" (2019, Hi-Tide Recordings)
MANDO DIAO "Bang" (2019, Playground Music)
METRONOMY "Metronomy forever" (2019, Because Music)
MIKA "My name is Michael Holbrook" (2019, Virgin EMI)
MILTON "Elean slate" (2019, Discos de Paseo)
MISTERY JETS "A billion heartbeats" (2019, Mistery Jets Records)
NUNATAK "'Nunatak y las flores salvajes" (2019, Warner Music)
OF MONSTERS AND MEN "Fever dream" (2019, Republic Records)
PAOLO SPACCAMONTI "Volume quattro" (2019, Escape From Today / Dunque)
PAPA TOPO "Sirenear" Single (2019, Elefant Records)
PARADE "La deriva sentimental" (2019, Jabalina Música)
PIGMY "Manifestación" (2019, Grabaciones en el Mar / Trilobite Records)
PIXIES "Beneath the Eyrie" (2019, Infectious/BMG)
SARASARA "Orgone" (2019, One Little Indian Records)
SIERRA LEONA "Cruzar un río" (2019, Primavera d'Hivern)
SVPER / BITTER MOON "1981" Single (2019, La Suisse Primitive)
TEMPLES "Hot motion" (2019, ATO Records)
THE BEATLES "Abbey Road - Anniversary edition" (2019, Apple Records)
THE LAST DETAIL "Places" Single (2019, Elefant Records)
THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "In the morse code of brake lights" (2019, Concord Records)
THE SICK BOYS "So hot!" (2019, Buenritmo Producciones)
THE SOFT CAVALRI "The soft cavalry" (2019, Bella Union)
TIGER AND MILK "Popular" (2019, Tiger and Milk)
TOM BEAULIEU "Zombies on Zambonis" (2019, Tom Beaulieu)
TOVE LO "Sunshine Kitty" (2019, Universal Music)
TRENTEMOLLER "Observe" (2019, In My Room)
TWIN PEAKS "Lookout low" (2019, Grand Jury Music)
VAN MORRISON "Three chords and the truth" (2019, Exile/Caroline International)
Varios Artistas "George Best Rock Club – El disco" (2019, Bonavena Música)
Varios Artistas "Intromúsica – The mixtape 1" (2019, Intromúsica)
Varios Artistas "Mondosonoro 25 años" (2019, Larvin Music)
Varios Artistas "Música para adultos" (2019, El Volcán Música)
VELVET NEGRONI "Neon brown" (2019, 4AD)
VIVA SUECIA "El milagro" (2019, Subterfuge Records)
WITHNEY "Forever turned around" (2019, Secretly Canadian)